Shiboshis NFT Initiative Thrives | Surge in Transactions and Floor Price

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In early August 2023, the Shiboshis NFT initiative has experienced an impressive surge, with transaction volume up by 86% and the floor price rising by 55%. In a recent tweet, Lucie, the marketing representative, shared metrics indicating the growing triumph of the Shiboshis NFT collection. Lucie enthusiastically stated, β€œThe figures are soaring, and creativity is flourishing.”

Shiboshis NFT Project Flourishes with Substantial Activity Surge

Lucie’s recent update unveils a remarkable surge in Shiboshis community engagement. The Shiboshis project witnessed an impressive 86% surge in transaction volume, totaling 48 ETH valued at $89,232.

Additionally, Lucie reports a significant 55% upswing in the floor price of Shiboshis, witnessing a substantial 77% increase that resulted in 113 successful sales. Lucie’s report indicates the floor price has now stabilized at 0.46 ETH.

What stands out is the remarkable cumulative transaction volume achieved by Shiboshis, surpassing 15,712 ETH, equivalent to nearly $30 million. The project boasts 3,567 unique owners, marking a 36% rise, while listings grew by 3%.

The Shiba Inu community has eagerly embraced this insightful data, expressing excitement about the vibrant growth within the NFT ecosystem.

Shiboshis NFTs: A Unique Collection With Exclusive Features

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Shiboshis encompass an exceptional series of 10,000 Shiba Inu-themed NFTs, each possessing distinct attributes such as attire, headgear, and embellishments.

As per official records, the launch of Shiboshis was a resounding success in 2021, as the entire inventory was sold out within a remarkable span of fewer than 60 minutes. During the minting phase, Shiboshi NFTs were exclusively offered to LEASH token holders, with each wallet granted the opportunity to purchase up to ten Shiboshis under a tiered pricing system.

For the Shiba Inu community, Shiboshis hold significance beyond their status as NFTs. They symbolize the concept of lifelong passive benefits, embodying a unique ethos within Shiba Inu.

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